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A truck is not just a way to get from point A to B. It’s a lifestyle choice that puts a premium on utility and function. Whether it’s a daily driver that occasionally helps a friend move into a new home, a dented, scarred work vehicle clad in lock boxes and racks, a ranch hauler full of hay and feed, an off-road rock crawler, or a lifted, wrapped, fire-breathing beast that breaks necks at shows, trucks are a unifying language spoken by a devoted, steadfast few. We are among the proud few who call themselves truck lovers and we don’t apologize for our passion. It’s in our blood.

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69-chevy-k20-ford-excursion-dps-diesel-performance-specialties-american-truxx-forged-1909-aries-1910-kronosAmerican Truxx

Kandy & Chrome Super Show 2018

Words & Photos by Paul Scott Even though temperatures soared throughout the state, the hottest part of Arizona was inside the Tucson Convention Center this weekend. The sizzling hot 2018 Kandy & Chrome Super Show featured hundreds…

Mission 22 Ford F150 - Bend, Oregon

Words & Photos by Paul Scott Behind every truck build, there's a story. For Kristopher Saccurato, the story began in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, the day our nation was forever changed. On that fateful…

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