American Truxx was founded in Dallas, TX with the belief that a person’s truck is the rolling metal embodiment of the American Spirit. As such, each truck rightly deserves unique custom wheels that loudly proclaim the style and attitude of the individual driving it. And attitude is something we have an ample supply of: 100% pure, concentrated bad ass attitude in every box. We aim to be the truck wheel of choice for the great state of Texas, as well as these proud United States of America. Our many product styles feature open lug caps allowing for custom spike style lugs as well as a wide selection of bolt pattern applications to fit most trucks. We offer a variety of unique, competitively priced casted wheel styles as well as our new 2019 line of stronger, lighter, American Truxx Forged wheels. We are extremely proud to unveil our new Forged line at this year’s SEMA Show. Those who stop by to inspect our killer lineup will not be disappointed.

From the design and engineering stage, all the way to the expertly applied finishes, our wheels outshine the competition. Besides the standard chrome, polished, gloss and satin black finishes, American Truxx offers a creative brushed finish for our cast wheels that emulates the brushed metal look of raw forged wheels, giving customers who like the forged look a cost-effective option. And for those who want to step up to true forged wheels, we have them covered as well. All the benefits of added structural strength, durability, along with lighter weight, make forged the clear choice for performance-minded customers.

There are many choices out there for truck wheels. Our attitude and style are not the only things that set us apart. Our Quality, and Service are the best in the business. We stand behind our products because they are engineered to meet our exhaustive standards. We also painstakingly maintain tight QC from inspection to shipment. We listen to our Authorized Dealers and go the extra mile to support them and help them be successful. Integrity and Character are what we do when no one is looking. We strive to uphold the highest personal and professional values possible because our name and reputation are paramount to establishing authentic, lasting success. Contact us and see for yourself why American Truxx are your source for premium truck wheels.